Friday, February 24, 2012

Nathan is 17 months old!

Today Nathan is 17 months old!  Where have the days gone??  Nathan is saying a few more words.  He says "de-de" for kitty, and can make correct animal sounds for cow, chicken, duck, pig, sheep, horse, dog, cat and even elephant and tiger!  He says "zide" for outside, and "ni-ni" for goodnight.

His10th tooth cut through on Feb. 18, the top left molar.  So we are half way to Nathan having all 20 baby teeth!

Nathan loves to play with his cars and trains and makes the cutest sounds to accompany the vehicles.  He also has several pull toys and he loves these!  He walks backwards so he can see the toy that's following him.  He has a wooden alligator and a circus train.  We also have a pull puppy but he's not really into that one, it doesn't pull along the carpet very well.

A typical day for Nathan begins about 6:20, when he wakes up and climbs all over me to wake me up!  We come downstairs quickly and quietly so we don't wake up Emma.  Nathan plays or watches a show while I try to wake up.  Nathan really is not a breakfast eater.  He might have some Cherrios or other cereal about 8. If it's a school day for Emma we take her at 9am, then usually come home to play.  He'll have a snack about 10am and then he takes his nap about 11:30.  Usually he will sleep for 1.5-2 hours, then he'll eat lunch after his nap.  We have to pick up Emma from school at 1pm, and then we try to play outside if the weather is nice. Nathan loves to be outside.  Sometimes we are outside for 2-4 hours, and we'll still be playing when Tony gets home.  Nathan likes to play with chalk, and still tries to eat it quite a bit.  He also has a little ride on toy outside and Emma's old tricycle.  In the backyard we have the swing set and toddler climber, and the sandbox, so he has fun back there too.  We usually eat supper about 5:30 or 6pm, then bedtime is at 7pm.  Nathan is usually asleep by 7:20.

We just love our little Nathan so much!  He's a joy and makes us all so happy!

17 months old today!!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Ballet birthday party!

Emma and I attended the 5th birthday party of our friends and neighbors, Lauren and Emily, at a dance studio. The girls got to pick a dance costume and participate in a production of Swan Lake! Emma loved this blue dress and now I'll be searching Ebay to see it I can find one for her!

Mwahaha, I've got the remote now!

Would you believe me if I told he he's ten times as adorable as this picture makes him seem?

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Nathan is 16 months old!

Last Tuesday, Jan 24, Nathan turned 16 months old!  I apologize for the long break in posting news and pictures, January was a very busy month.  My thoughts are a bit jumbled so I'm going to just write a few short notes about Nathan.

He's such a little ham these days.  He loves to play outside, dig in the dirt, play hide and seek, and go down the slide.  He loves to chase Emma when she rides her bike and just run in circles on the driveway.  He still eats chalk but will also sit down and make some chalk marks on the driveway.

He's got a few new teeth.  His bottom lateral incisors came in on December 25 (right side) and January 9 (left side).  On January 28 I noticed that a molar on the top right had cut through.  All his gums are very swollen and I hope the remaining molars come through quickly, they have really been hurting him.

Nathan says "bye" and waves bye-bye now.  He gives kisses sometimes, by pouting out his lower lip.  And his hugs are still the best, he squeezes my neck so hard!  He also says "dada", and I think he might be close to saying Emma's name.  A few days ago he said something that sounded like "Ammmma" so I thought he might be trying to say "Emma".  Here's a comprehensive list of all the words he can say (at least the ones I can remember): mama, dada, ball, duck, dog, bye.

He loves books and loves to have books read to him.  He especially loves books with animals and he can correctly identify a dog, cat, chicken, pig, sheep, duck and cow in several of our farm animal books.  He is still using baby signs and now signs for "book" in addition to "more" and "all-done".

He's just a little sweetie and we are so lucky to have him!