Thursday, August 25, 2011

Nathan approves of Emma's classroom!

Today we visited Emma's preschool and met her new teacher. School starts next Tuesday! Nathan had a great time playing with the toys!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Nathan is 11 months old!

Today Nathan is 11 months old! The big news is that he is walking! He took his first steps in early August and by the middle of the month he was getting around everywhere! He loves to walk, and even when he falls down he gets right back up and keeps going. He does still crawl quite a bit and he has even crawled up our stairs, with mommy very close by his side.

We've discovered that Nathan loves dogs! He just can't get enough of them. Our neighbors have a very old lab and he is so gentle and lets Nathan grab and touch and climb on him. Whenever we see a dog out for a walk Nathan starts to point and tries to climb off my lap or jump out of my arms to get to the dog.

He has an adorable smile and the sweetest laugh! He loves his sister Emma! He just wants to be near her and see whatever she's doing. He is starting to give hugs and they are so sweet to receive. He's waving now and when he hears us telling Daddy goodbye in the mornings, he starts waving his cute little hands.

Nathan loves to hang upside down. I do this carefully by leaning him backwards while he is sitting on my lap. I hold his arms and lower him to the ground. Then I pull him back up into a sitting position. He loves it so much that he will start to lean himself back, his way of telling me to lower him backwards. Sometimes I'll even do a flip with him and he loves that too. He likes to swing too, but we haven't been outside to swing much this summer, it's just too hot. We have gone to pool a few times and he loves the water! When it's bath time I still put Nathan in his bath seat, but it doesn't hold him for long. He usually tries to climb out within 5-10 minutes so then I have to take him out. He is just too wild in the bathtub and won't sit still.

Nathan still only has two teeth but I hope any day now the top front 4 will come through and give him some relief. I can feel them just below the gum, and he has been so fussy for weeks due to teething. He's learning to feed himself much better and loves to drink water from his straw cup. He eats yogurt, pears, avocados, meat, sweet potatoes, cheese, and beans. After he turns one I will introduce eggs and fish.

He is starting to vocalize a few more sounds, but no real words yet. The closest is 'mama', but he usually says "mama mama mama" a few times in a row, not just the one word yet. We can see the cute little person he's growing into, and we can't wait to get to know him better as his personality emerges more each day.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

The ball pit is back!

We got the ball pit out this weekend for the first time since Emma was 2, and both kids loved it! Nathan had the best time climbing in and out!

First hug

Sorry for the blurry picture, but I had to share! This is the first time for Nathan to walk over to Emma and give her a hug!! He really loves her so much!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Emma update!

Time for an update on our favorite 3 year old! Emma is now 3 1/2 years old and having a great summer! Her preschool ended in May and she had an excellent end of year report from her teacher. She really enjoyed our time in Galveston and she still asks when we are going back to our hotel, which she pronounces "ho-n-tel". She loves to sing and tell stories, and she is always making up crazy names for her stuffed animals and dolls. Her latest favorite show to watch is The Fresh Beat Band. They sing and dance through the show and she loves it!

She went to Cub Camp last week at our church. It was every day from 9-12, and by Wednesday she was ready to be back home with me. But she did enjoy playing with friends, story time, art and snack time! It's going to be hard when she goes to Kindergarten in two years to have her dressed and at school before 8am every day!

We have not played outside much this summer, it is just too hot. We do lots of painting, puzzles (Emma is a whiz at puzzles!) and other inside play. I know Emma will enjoy preschool when she starts back Aug. 30th. I am looking forward to the time to spend with just Nathan, and maybe even get a few other things done.

Emma really loves her brother. She calls him "little Buddy", "Buddy" or "Bud-Bud." She loves to make him laugh, and she will get down on the floor to crawl around with him. She always wants to help me when it's time to get him up from his nap, and she hugs and kisses him as much as she can. And I know he loves her too!

Playing car

Nathan playing with his first car. He's so cute, scooting it around on the floor!

Saturday, August 13, 2011


Nathan is learning to wave goodbye!

Friday, August 12, 2011

More steps!

Standing up and walking!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Nathan climbed to the top of our stairs today! He was very proud of himself. Note his signature stance, one leg out and one folded back!

At the top!

Almost there!

Going up!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Waiting on Winter

Emma insisted on wearing her winter coat and mittens this evening.

Saturday, August 6, 2011


Taken July 23, 2011

First steps!

Nathan had been taking steps this week! Thursday it was 1 or 2 steps, then yesterday, Friday, he busted out with these 10-11 steps! I thought we had 2 more months before this, but he's not waiting until he's 1!

Muscle shirt

Nathan wearing a very old shirt, one that I wore when I was a baby. It's a bit small on him but so cute!


Landry and Nathan, at Landry's 1st birthday party!