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Scooter school

Emma and Nathan riding their new scooters. Emma has her Jessie doll tucked in her shirt, and she's trying to show Nathan how to ride his scooter. He decides he'd rather run this time.

Nathan is 26 months old!

On Saturday, November 24th, Nathan turned 26 months old.  He's really talking now, we have some interesting conversations.  Today in the car, he said to me: "Momma, I want to go to Farm. See animals.  I want to see a lion.  It won't scare me."  He is thinking about so many things!

His bottom molars have almost completely broken through the gum, but the top ones each only have one point out.  His gums are so swollen and I am surprised they are taking so long to come in.  I don't recall Emma's taking quite this long.  I think the pain is really affecting his appetite, because he is not eating much these days.

Nathan will now let me trim his finger and toe nails without much fuss.  He does say that it tickles his toes!  He likes to go into the garage and yell "echo, echo!"  He learned this from Emma of course!  His usual way to go down our stairs is to slide on his belly, feet first, incredibly fast down to the bottom.  He's also learned to click his tongue and thinks it's pretty neat!

He loves to play with trucks, especially ones that are used in construction and building.  He calls them all "builders" and it is so cute.  He's got a small Matchbox bulldozer and larger plastic one, and he calls the littlest one the baby and the bigger one is the mama of course.

He has learned how to lock the car door on the inside, so that when I get around to his door, it's locked.  He laughs and thinks it is the funniest thing ever!