Friday, January 30, 2009

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Emma is 13 months old!

Today Emma is 13 months old!

She continues to amaze us every day. She is curious, sweet and smart. She now says “bye-bye” and recognizes cats everywhere, in books and on TV. She talks all day and I can just see her little mind learning and soaking up everything she can. Today I noticed that she has one tooth on the top pushing through, I can feel it and see a little bit of white. Her hair is really growing; soon I think I’ll be able to give her a little ponytail on the top of her head. She’s also become very affectionate and will give hugs and kisses frequently.

She’s learned that she can lend over, put her hands and her head on the floor, and look through her legs behind her. She will do that and wait for us to say something, then she laughs and falls over, rolling on the floor. She has discovered that she can take things with her now, and she’s always carrying a toy in each had. She is also trying to climb onto the couch and any other surface she can. She will even attempt to put both feet on top of a plastic bowl turned upside down and climb on top of it. She’s tried to climb on the cat’s climbing tree, but when I tell her to stop she does listen. But then a few minutes later she’s trying it again.

Emma plays the kazoo!

This is Bevo!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My Little Miss Toddle-Bean

Emma has a new knick-name! Since she learned to walk and became a toddler, I've been calling her my little miss toddle-bean. She is such a joy, so happy and so curious about things. She has decided that the trash can is a great place to put her toys, so I've had to move the trash can up on the counter. It's not a great place for it, but I don't have any other options at the moment. Maybe she'll lose interest soon or even better, learn that I don't want her to throw her toys inside the trash can!

She's loves to ride on her little rocking Inchworm, pictured below. She really wants to get on it herself, but she can't quite get her leg over it yet. But she can fall off gracefully when she's done riding. She just laughs and smiles so much when she is on it!

She definitely knows the word 'kitty' now. Today I'm wearing a very old sweatshirt with a cat on it, and as soon as she saw it she pointed and said 'kitty'. She can also point out cats in her books and of course when our cats walk through the room she points and says 'kitty' to them.

Emma loves to ride her Inchworm!

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Bean Bag!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Emma & Grandma!

Emma & Grandma playing patty-cake!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Emma's First Year (Redux)

Just a text post to let everybody know about today's post, a slideshow of Emma's First Year (after the break).

Emma's First Year

It's been an amazing and wonderful first year watching Emma grow, and we think this really captures it. Our baby girl is growing so fast! It may take a bit to load, so apologies for that.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Emma's 1 year Doctor Visit

Tuesday Emma went to the doctor for her 1 year check-up. She only gained about 1/2 pound from her 9 month visit, weighing in at 23.6 pounds. This puts her in the 75% percentile for weight. But she grew over 2 inches in height to 31 1/4 inches, putting her in the 97% percentile for height! She received several vaccination shots, which she of course hated and screamed over. But they also did a finger prick to collect a blood sample. Since she was slightly anemic at 9 months the doctor wanted to check her iron again. The finger prick was 10 times worse than the shots, because they had to squeeze her arm, hand and finger for several minutes to get enough blood. Then the poor finger didn't want to stop bleeding! She got the band aid off in the car and got blood on her clothes. When we got home she bled on the carpet, the kitchen floor, everywhere! I finally had to set her in her booster seat and hold her hand above her head for over 10 minutes, applying pressure to the finger. Finally it stopped bleeding but she cried over that for a long time.

The last two days Emma has been taking more and more steps. Today she took 10 steps, and another time she took 7! Tonight she took about 8 steps from the recliner couch where Tony was sitting over to me on the other couch! I think her new shoes are really helping her to walk. She still crawls most of the time, but she's standing, turning and moving with more confidence.