Wednesday, April 29, 2015


The big kids dressed Matty up in a Spider-Man mask and boot covers as gloves!

Best yard helper!

Yesterday Nathan helped me put out 8 bags of mulch in the flower beds and around the trees! It was great weather to be outside, just a slight bit on the cold side!

Matthew is 17 months old!

On April 19 Matty turned 17 months old! Here he is outside, enjoying the spring weather! He loves to play with balls, the cat, cars and he loves to be outside as much as possible! He also has an obsession with shoes. He has some crocs that he insists on wearing all the time, he calls them "crockies!" He doesn't like to take them off for naps or baths.

He is learning to eat more foods. I try to give him little bits of whatever we are eating. He likes apples, most fruits and he must have a spoon or fork for every meal. He'll even go get a fork out of the drawer, he's tall enough to reach them! He will attempt to spear everything on the fork, if it doesn't work then he'll use his fingers. He uses the baby sign language sign for "all done" and "more."

He loves to follow Nathan and Emma around. He calls Emma "Abba" but doesn't have a word for Nathan yet. He likes Star Wars and has learned to recognize the music and characters. He can't say it yet but has created his own word that is "Doows" (sounds like it rhymes with "lose" with the o's drawn out).

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

These are the best...

1. photos in the bluebonnets I could get.

2. days of our lives.

3. kids!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter part 2/2

Matthew had no interest in the eggs, or holding the basket.

Easter hunt part 1

Happy Easter! Just before hunting for eggs in the back yard, we saw little Peter Rabbit himself! He hopped around a few minutes, until he realized our cat was becoming very interested in him!

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Goats and bunnies!

Petting zoo

The kids always love this, and this was Matthew's first time to walk with the animals and pet them.

Church egg hunt

Matthew was in interested in the eggs, but they all had fun!