Saturday, May 29, 2010

Emma is 29 months old!

Yesterday Emma turned 29 months old! This month is going by so fast! Emma finished her Mother's Day Out program on the 21st. They had a splash day and she wore her swimsuit to school. She had a great time but so far she has not asked to go back to school!

This was our first week of summer! We had a great week. We went to the pool twice, the bouncy house place once, and we took our new stroller for walk around Town Lake. I forgot to get a picture but I will next time. Emma loved the walk and when we were done she requested to go for another walk!

Emma still says some of the sweetest and cutest things. A few weeks ago the three of us were cuddling and snuggling on the couch before Emma's bedtime. She suddenly said to me "Mommy, you the meatballs" and then pointed to Daddy and said "you the spaghetti." Then I asked her what she was and she pointed to herself and said "I the sauce!" I can't even imagine what made her think of this but it was so sweet! So now we have some new nicknames for each other and we enjoy calling each other the meatballs, spaghetti and sauce!

She also told me a few days ago "Baby growin' up in Mommy's belly. Growin like a flower. With a leaf!" I have tried to get Emma to feel the baby move but she doesn't have the patience to hold her hand on my belly and wait. Maybe when his kicks become stronger and more obvious she'll be able to feel them. She has designated one of her baby dolls as "baby brudder" and she carries him around a lot.

Emma still doesn't have much, if any, interest in potty training. I tried to bribe her with a chocolate chip if she'd even just sit on the potty. Most of the time that doesn't work, but the chocolate chips do help a great deal in getting her cooperation for a diaper change.

Emma has a new big girl bed now and she really loves it. The first week we even thought it might help her to sleep in a bit, but mostly she still wakes up between 6 and 6:30. She has covered her bed with her favorite babies and stuffed animals. Once she becomes attached to something she just adds it to the collection of other loveys on her bed! She's still taking naps and it's pretty easy to get her to nap if I can wear her out in the mornings. Bedtime has been a bit rough since the move to the big bed. She doesn't want to rock yet she can't unwind and calm down just by laying in the bed. So we are still rocking but we need to find something else to relax her at bedtime. Especially for Mommy, because I won't be able to rock her much longer as my belly grows! She does love for me to tell her stories at nap time and bedtime. She will ask me so nicely, "Tell me story about going to park and zoo and beach!" This means she wants to hear every deal of the visit from Grandpa and Grandma Smith when they took her to the park and we went to the zoo. The beach is because we've been telling her for a while now that we are going to the beach this summer. Sometimes she will accept a random story or I can tell her story about our day, and I just recap everything we did that day.

She's getting to be such a big girl, and we love her so much. I know she will be a huge help when baby brother arrives, and she'll be a great big sister as well.

Eatin and Dancin

Emma eats her snack bar while dancin! (From 5/22/10. Bucket party in the neighbor's driveway.)

A tight spot!

Emma seems a bit squeezed in her bucket! (From 5/22/10, last Saturday.)

Bucket girls!

Emma, Emily and Lauren, from last Saturday, 5/22/10. Who needs the pool when a bucket will do?

22 1/2 weeks!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Emma and her babies

Emma's big girl bed!

Yesterday we moved the crib out of Emma's room and moved the guest bed in. It's now Emma's big girl bed! We've been telling her about it for a few weeks and she has been excited out it. Nap time went well. I read her some stories in bed and then I rocked her for about 10 minutes. She just wasn't settling down in the bed but once I rocked her she was fine. She had a great nap and didn't come close to the edge of the bed.

Bedtime went ok as well. Daddy read her stories and then rocked her until she was sleepy. She had a great night, slept straight through until I woke her up this morning at 7am! I really hope she can start sleeping this late regularly, it's amazing the difference a little more sleep from 6-7am can make for me and Daddy!