Thursday, September 20, 2007

Birdeye's FuzziBunz

Birdeye's FuzziBunz
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Here's my first trial at putting on a cloth diaper, on my favorite buddy growing up Birdeye.

I'd like to thank Ronda for the guidance. He looks pleased.

Sunday, September 16, 2007


Here's our first ultrasound, where we found out BeanBean is a little baby girl! Oh, she's also due Christmas day. Our baby would settle for no other day than the birthday of the Son of God's.

For anybody that's wondering, that's not my voice on the audio, that's Shirley Q. Liquor. Google it, you won't be disappointed.

Today at church Beanbean discovered she can kick Ronda in the ribs, and proceeded to do so for the remainder of the service. Ronda's innards are her playground.

We're Having a Baby!

So this is the site everybody's been clamoring for, where Ronda and I will be posting updates on all things BeanBean. We're 25 weeks pregnant, so we're pretty tardy in getting a website up, but we've been busy with the nesting and the barfing and the weeping and the soreness...and that's just me.

Here's a pic from our first ultrasound, taken at our OB back in May. This is when and why we decided to nickname our baby "BeanBean".

So as time permits Ronda and I will post our baby stories and pics here for all our friends and family to see. Things are sure about to get fun!