Saturday, November 28, 2009

Emma and Pawpaw play the mandolin

Emma plays the bass

Emma is 23 months old!

Today Emma is 23 months old! She's doing and saying so many things, here a few that I can think of.

-She says "ho ho ho" when you mention Santa Claus or point him out in a picture.
-She loves to play in the dirt and play outside anytime.
-When she sees a horse she says "yeehaw, yeehaw". Sometimes she calls still calls horses "neighs" too.
-She sings Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and the Barney song (I love you, You love me) but she doesn't know all the words, so she just uses her baby speak, it's so cute!
-She loves to watch Caillou, and can now say his name. It's so sweet, to hear her pronounce something with her little baby girl voice.
-She still calls baby bottles "baby bokles"
-She still calls Elmo "Melmo"
-She loves to take a bath, especially bubble baths. She can say bubbles and bath.
-She loves to paint and asks me everyday if she can paint. We don't always paint but we do color everyday.
-She calls her grandmothers both "mom", and my dad is "dad" and Tony's dad is "papaw"
-She can tell me when something hurts, and she says quite often "hurt me" when I try to brush her hair or put it up in a ponytail. Sometimes she will tell me that I hurt her during a diaper change or when she's eating. I think she's just exploring the concept. But sometimes if her pants are too tight, she will tell me they are hurting her. That's helpful to know when she's uncomfortable or hurt by something.
-She loves to look at pictures of our family, and herself. She will ask for "more Emmas" and go to the computer. We sit on the couch and look at all the pictures I have posted online.
-If she wants something but we can't understand what, she will take us by the hand or finger and lead us to it.
-She loves to put on our shoes and attempt to walk in them.
-She wakes up everyday smiling and gives us hugs and kisses. She is a very sweet and loving girl!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Potty Time and Even More Words

Emma has started to use her little potty. She first went pee pee on Nov. 10th. Daddy was present, but Mommy had given up and left the bathroom. Emma was very proud of her success. She's gone a few more times, and now Mommy has decided it's time to get a seat reducer and an extra potty.

The new words and phrases continue to come daily. Here are few: stuck, broke, empty, belt, help, ant, mouse, more (sounds like ma,) pretty, milk, hair, no way, heart, pie and coke. She knows exact what coke is and will demand a drink if she sees anyone drinking it. She also picked up "shoot", from Mommy. Mommy is working on changing that to oops or oh no. It's especially embarrassing when we are around others and Emma will say "shoooooot", drawing out the word. She has also started to say cat, puppy and cow, instead of "mow", "ruff-ruff" and "moo". I am a little sad that she's saying the real animal names, it is so cute to hear her say the animal sounds.

Emma can identity these shapes: heart, circle, triangle, square, and star. She can say heart but she knows the other shapes too. When we are playing outside, I draw the shapes and then ask Emma to run to the star, or the circle, etc, and she always goes to the correct shape.

One of our neighbors a few houses down has some little scarecrow men staked out in her yard. They are about Emma's height, and she is very interested in them. Every time we play outside, Emma has to go over and hug and kiss all three scarecrow men. It's very cute!

All fall we have been showing Emma how to make the Hook 'Em sign with her hands. She knows the Longhorn symbol and will point it out on our T-shirts. Then she grabs her hand and says "help hand", asking for us to help her make the hand sign. She can't hold her fingers in the sign by herself, but she tries! She also knows the sign for mouse and frog. She doesn't use her signs very much anymore, but sometimes she still does.

I know tomorrow she'll say more words and I'll think of others that I forgot to write down. She is really learning so much everyday!


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Professor Emma

Little Mommy

Funny that she's using a bottle for her baby but would not take one

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Playing the xylophone

Playing chase!

Emma chasing Lola.

Emma and Lola

Emma had a playdate with her friend Lola. Emma is saying cheese in
this picture.

Emma's lollipop

Last Wednesday Emma got a lollipop at the doctor's office. She really
liked it!