Monday, October 31, 2011

Two princesses!

Audrey as Rapunzel and Emma as a dramatic Aurora!

Trick or treating gang!

Luke, Susan Margret, Audrey, Emily, Evie, Lauren, Amelia, Emma. Nathan not pictured, he was in the baby carrier on my back!

Bouncy slide!

Nathan sliding out of bouncy house at Halloween party!


Nathan eating chalk and relaxing at Halloween party!

Ready for Halloween!

Fireman and Princess

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Smiling boy!



Nathan is enjoying our small climber and slide in the backyard. He needs a little help getting that leg up but I'm sure he won't need help for long!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Nathan is 13 months old!

Today Nathan is 13 months old!  He's such a sweet and happy little toddler!  He loves to be outside and play in the sand box, or just walk down the sidewalk.  I've been taking the kids for walks in the stroller and he really enjoys it.  It's nice to finally have some good weather to be outside.

He's obsessed with getting up on the couch and anytime I sit down, he's crying for me to put him up on the couch.  When I do set him up there, he gets the biggest grin and runs to the end, where he tries to dive over the arm rest.  I catch him by the ankle before he goes over of course!  Most of the time I sit on the floor just to avoid that whole scene.  I forgot how exhausting a toddler can be!  I can't load or unload the dishwasher if he's awake, and I have to keep all the bathroom doors shut at all times!  He loves to play in the tupperware/plastics cabinet in the kitchen, so it's always a mess from him getting the stuff out.

Nathan's interest in solid food seems to be waning.  I'm getting a little frustrated with him, he won't even try most foods now.  He just pushes it away or smears the food on his tray.  I hope this is just a phase and maybe related to the extreme teething pain he's dealing with now.  He must have the slowest moving teeth ever!  He's got three on the top that have broken through the gum but they aren't fully descended yet.  One more is about to break through, and then he'll have 6.  Still 14 more teeth to go, and I'm not looking forward to the molars or canines.  
Nathan received two ride-on toys for his birthday, and he's really loving them.  He is getting really good at getting on and off on his own, and he loves to stand on the seat and point and talk to us.  He can make the car go backwards by pushing his feet, but he's not yet discovered how to go forward.

Nathan is learning to brush his teeth.  He mostly just chews on the brush but I'm trying to get the routine established of brushing before bedtime.  We'll add mornings when he has more teeth!

Nathan is such a snuggler and loves to give hugs!  He loves to hug Emma and roll around with her on the floor.  He's talking more and more, although he doesn't know any real words yet.  His comprehension is great, he understands many of the things we tell him.  He's sweet, smart and we love him so much!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Friday, October 14, 2011


I promise I helped him get out right after I took this picture!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Nathan's favorite spot to sit

Nathan loves sitting inside his racetrack spinner. It spins little cars (and other toys!) but he really wants it to spin him around!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Trying to load this video again.

Today Nathan realized he can push the button on the farm toy on the fridge and make the music play! He did it several times and danced around the kitchen!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Today Nathan realized he can push the button on the farm toy on the fridge and make the music play! He did it several times and danced around the kitchen!

Nathan and Buddha

For Uncle Todd, Nathan loves the Buddha puppy!

Nathan and Buddha

Nathan loves dogs, and loves our giant Buddha puppy!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Nathan's 12 month checkup

Last Tuesday on 9/27 was Nathan's 12 month checkup.  He is 29 inches tall (25th percentile for height), 21 pounds and 15 oz (25th-50th percentile for weight), and his head circumference is 48cm (90th percentile).  He did very well with the doctor and she said "he's advanced", which we all knew already!

He is really starting to make more sounds and has started to say "da", and "doe".  I love to listen to his babbling and wonder what he's thinking.  He loves to get into his little red wagon and stand or sit in it.  He loves his football and he's really into stealing the phone or TV remote when he can get them!

I'm trying to get Nathan to drink whole milk from a cup.  After his first taste he gave me a look of such betrayal!  Since then he's refusing to even sip it, he some how knows if the cup has milk or water.  He's still not very interested in eating solid food regularly, although tonight he actually ate broccoli and pasta and really loved both!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Nathan on his fire truck

Riding his fire truck!

> Nathan figured out how to get on his fire truck all by himself!

Enjoying a yogurt pop!

Nathan loves the homemade yogurt popsicles that Emma and I made!