Sunday, November 28, 2010

Emma is 35 months old!

Today Emma is 35 months old! I missed updating last month, sorry about that. Emma is very excited for her upcoming birthday and Christmas. Today we were able to visit Santa at the mall and she was very excited to tell him that she wants Toy Story 3 and a big Belle doll.

Emma has started a bad habit of picking at her cuticles and her poor fingers are looking very ragged. I believe this started about 2 months ago, when a certain little person arrived on the scene. I really don't know how to get her to stop picking at her fingers. I hope she will grow out of it soon.

We are still working with Emma on potty training. I'm hopeful that she will decide she is done with diapers soon, or I may just say "no more diapers" when she turns three.

We are also working on rules, and no one really likes rules! But we have a few, including no toys in the bathroom or on the stairs, picking up toys before getting out more and only kissing baby Nathan on the forehead.

Emma has some quirky saying that I find amusing. She no longer asks "why", but instead she will say "why not". She really means why but for some reason she says "why not". For example, I'll tell her we need to get our shoes on to play outside and she will say "why not?" instead of "why?" She also says "me either" or "me neither" when she means "me too".

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Nathan is 2 months old!

Today Nathan is 2 months old! He's really growing fast. He is out of most of his 3 month size clothing and wearing 6 month sized now. He's also in size 3 diapers! Although we still mostly use cloth, sometimes I don't have enough between washes so I need the disposables. He was wearing size 2 for about two weeks and then had another growth spurt. According to our home scale, he weighs 13 pounds, 2 ounces! We will go to the doctor for his two month checkup next week, and I bet he will be pushing 14 pounds.

He's really starting to smile now, and it's such a sweet smile! Today he gave me the biggest smile. He laughed once a few days ago but only Daddy was around to hear it. Emma still loves him so much, I really have to watch to make sure that she is not squeezing him too much. Every day she asks me "Is he big yet" because she is wanting to play with him so much!

Some of my nicknames for Nathan are Nate, Snugglepotamus, Babynater, and Naterkins. He's finally starting to stay awake for longer periods of time. His sleeping at night is also getting better. He will usually have a long stretch for about 4-5 hrs, then another stretch for 3 hours. He is sleeping in our bed for the time being since he refuses to sleep in the bassinet. He is still much easier than Emma was at this stage, but he does have a fussy period from about 8pm-11pm every night. He wants me to hold him and walk with him. If I sit down, he screams. It's hard since I'm just about to drop at that point but he finally stops crying and goes to sleep.

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